28 May

WooHa Brewing Company and Connage Highland Dairy Cheese Pairing

If there’s one thing WooHa loves more than making beer, it’s making friends with our neighbours who share our passion for food and drink made here in Scotland.  We teamed up with one of our neighbours, Connage Cheese to find some cheese to match with our favourite beers… 

We’re starting with our WooHa Rauch N’Roll Rich Smoky Porter, paired with a Smoked Dunlop which really brought out the flavours of the German rauchmalt we use to give our Rauch N’Roll Porter a rich smokiness. We knew beer and cheese were going to be friends, but we think these guys might be best friends… 

Connage took our Northern Mischief Craft Lager with its strong malt backbone and bold hoppy flavours and paired it with a cheese that could really stand up to these assertive flavours; their own Connage Cheddar, a sharp tangy cheese that we’re now trying to find excuses to put in everything. Cheese and biscuits with the afternoon meeting? Don’t mind if we do. A beer to wash it down? Well ok then.  

Our Hop Pinata Hop Packed IPA was paired with a strong, nutty Gouda that brought out the solid malt base of our IPA while balancing the four-hop mix that gives our Hop Pinata it’s spicy hoppy hit.  There are not many things out there that can stand up to the full-on flavours of our IPA so hats off to this Gouda for stepping into the ring and showing those hops who’s boss.  

Which WooHa will you have with your next cheeseboard?

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