07 Jan

Why settle for Fine when you can have great (and Vegan!)

There is one clear difference you will notice between most vegan and non-vegan beers and that is, well, how clear they are!
We are often asked why our beer is cloudy instead of clear, specifically when it comes to our casked range. The common thought that if a beer is cloudy, then there is something wrong with it. In fact, beer is naturally hazy due to its proteins and yeast content. When it was served hundreds of years ago in dark pubs in terracotta or pewter flagons, people weren’t too bothered. But with the growth in fashion of clear glass drinkware – consumer trends pushed for clearer beers. 
In order to achieve clear beer, you can either filter it, or Fine it using something called Isinglass. This is extracted from the swim bladders of fish, and therefore, not vegan friendly. Isinglass binds with the yeast cells in the beer, making them heavy and drop to the bottom of the brewing vessel. 

Filtering adds time, money and mechanics to the process and there is also an argument that this can compromise the flavour. 
Long ago, we decided not to fine or filter our beer. Firstly, there is no benefit other than aesthetic and we felt that it would be a process for process sake. Why mess around with something more than you have to?! It also means that our entire range of beers is Vegan friendly, and we don’t exclude this beer loving and ever growing segment from our valued customer base. 
So good news if you have chosen Veganuary over dry January this year, is that you can still enjoy a Highland brewed, top quality craft beer.

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