01 Dec 20


Buying Christmas gifts is great when you find just the right thing, but lets be honest that doesn’t happen often and we have certainly spent hours trying to think of that illusive perfect gift.

Food and drink gifts are a fab thing to buy people at Christmas, and here’s why;

Who doesn’t want food and drink!

Save yourself the hassle of wondering what someone will want, if they have something similar already or if they will appreciate it in their home. Will a bright green cuckoo clock look good on Darren’s wall? Surely Aunty Marge wants this 7ft cut out of Cliff Richard?! These are all questions you don’t have to worry about when buying food and drink as a gift. Everyone will appreciate it and enjoys treats.

Sharing is caring

Giving someone a selection box or gift set means they can involve their loved ones in the gift too by sharing the products and recommending them. It makes a great conversation point on Christmas day and if you don’t drink all our beers in one setting, you get to enjoy them over the festive period.

Nothing ventured nothing gained

Food and drink fans, and especially craft beer fans, love to try new things. Seeking out new classics, cutting edge breweries or a different branded bobble hat is life for some people! So even if you’re not sure if your giftee likes that beer, chances are they will appreciate it anyway and thank you for broadening their beer horizons.

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