24 Aug 20

New Seasonal Beer Eastern Rascal

Made with lots (and we mean a lot!) of peeled root ginger this spicey little number is the latest addition to our seasonal range. Designed to be the alter-ego to our mellow Northern Mischief lager our Eastern Rascal ginger lager boasts a refreshing and crisp flavour with a subtle hint of that recognisable ginger spice. We balance the ginger with a combination of Pearle, First Gold and Cascade hops providing a subtle citrus aroma.

A labour of love by our experimental brewers this beer took several trial brews to get the balance right (it’s a tough job!) but we’re sure this beer is going to be a new favourite. It has a complex malt bill with four malts to make sure it has the body and depth of flavour needed for a lager.

Picture this beer on warm late summer evenings as we make the most of what is left of the British summer before the weather turns. Pair with a stir fry or a summer salad – this beer is great with delicate Asian flavours.

Tasting Note as per bottle/website:

A crisp, modern lager with a spicy twist to it. Notes of fresh ginger combine exotically with Pearle hops for a crisp and citrusy finish.

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