23 Feb

New season, new seasonal craft beer from WooHa

Weather Dependent – Wheat Beer

It’s that time of year, the season is shifting and especially here in beautiful Scotland, things may well become “Weather Dependent”. This was the inspiration for our new Seasonal “Weather Dependent Wheat”, although it certainly won’t let you down. Whatever the weather, this take on a classic wheat beer will brighten up your day and serve us well into the summer months.

In typical wheat beer style, we’ve gone with a 50/50 wheat/barely malt bill which leads to a balanced and delicate brew. How is this different to a regular beer I hear you ask? Well 50% wheat is a much higher proportion than other beers which tend to be made up mainly of other grains like barley or rye. It leads to a lighter, more refreshing brew.

The dark golden, almost light copper colour is a nod to the blood orange and pink grapefruit flavours you will find within, coming from the American Summit Hops. On the nose, you certainly pick up the fruity, citrus notes too.

Like the sunshine after the rain, this beer is refreshing and totally moreish. The zesty flavours pair well with strong umami dishes, anything with an earthy richness like bolognaise, mushroom stroganoff or goat cheese and beetroot salad.

Enjoy the seasons change with a beer in hand.

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