18 Mar

Beer Tasting Card

Are you looking for something to do on lockdown night in number….well who’s even counting anymore!? We’ve put together a beer tasting card so you can bring some fun and learning to your evening beers. Focusing on the 5 key considerations when tasting beer, this card gives you the opportunity to learn about our beers and discover your new favourites.


Before you start, pour the beer slowly from the bottle into a glass. Our beers are bottle conditioned rather than force carbonated, meaning sometimes they can be quite lively when you open them, this is totally normal. You may notice some sediment in the bottom of the bottle. Again, this is totally normal with bottle conditioned beer because the yeast is not filtered out. This is totally harmless to drink and some say it adds flavour. If you don’t fancy it, then simply leave the last drop in the bottle and pour slowly so as not to disturb the sediment.

Let the head settles, then hold the glass up to the light and note what colour it is. You will notice whether it is lighter and golden in colour, darkening through to brown or amber, containing red notes with copper or red or is more toward the black side.

What do you think of the colour? Is it what you look for in a beer? Does it match with your expectations of this beer style?



Next, take a good long sniff of the beer. If you have room in the glass, really get your nose in there! What are the smells that pop to mind immediately? Trust your gut here, some people try to over complicate it but just say what you smell! There is no right or wrong, different people will smell different things depending on their palate and sensitivity.

Do you like the smell? Is it what you were expecting based on the colour?


Finally, time to take a sip! Let the beer fill your mouth and hold it in your mouth whilst you let the flavours emerge. Again, what is your initial reaction? Record your reaction on the first sip, then take another. Is it still the same? You can find paring notes with the beer descriptions on our website, if you have a complimentary food, take a bite and then another drink. Note down the changes you notice.

Do you get the same taste when you first take a sip to when you swallow it? What tastes linger? How does the food influence the flavour of the beer?


Whilst you’re thinking about the sense of taste, also consider the feeling the beer has. Depending on the composition of the beer, its mouth feel will be very different. If its light bodied, it will almost feel watery and very easy drinking. A Medium bodied beer will have a bit more substance but still a lightness and an ease of drinking. As we move to the more full bodied beers, you will experience a real mouth filling effect with a richness and a creaminess. Some beers, specifically our Speakeasy Brut Beer, will have a strong effervescence, or fizziness.


Perhaps most importantly, do you like it?! Imagine 1 is not at all, right up to 5 being oh my god order more of these beers right now, this is my new fave!

Do a card for each beer you taste and compare them at the end. Did you have any surprises?

Lastly, don’t forget to check in and leave the beer a review on Untappd. As a small independent business, these ratings mean so much to us and really help spread the news about WooHa.