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We are Wooha

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A bold ambitious brewery from the Highlands of Scotland

How it all started

WooHa is a bold, ambitious brewery based in the Highlands of Scotland and began its journey in 2015. Being situated near Speyside, our beers are brewed from the same cool, clear water that goes into some of Scotland’s most famous whiskies. We combine this fresh water with quality ingredients from around the world to create delicious, balanced, flavoursome beers that we bottle condition to ensure their freshness and give a natural carbonation.    
Our beer can be found in various bars, restaurants and shops in the UK, as well as in international markets across Europe and Asia.  We launched our new branding in 2020, as well as our new online store, which can be found here


Doing it with ambition

WooHa has grown substantially since it launched in 2015 and we now have 5 delicious craft beers in our core range: Hello Friday Session Pale Ale, Hop Pinata IPA, Rauch N Roll Porter, Northern Mischief Craft Lager, and Amber Storm Scotch Ale.  Our beers are available in bottle, keg and cask, depending on what your preference is! 
Since we outgrew our original brewery in 2017, WooHa has been located on a 6.2-acre farm in Kinloss, with a 16,000 sq. ft. facility, enabling us to produce the quantity of beer needed to quench the thirsts of our markets around the world.  
Our team has also grown since the early days, with exciting new hires bringing a wealth of international experience from other big players in the world of beer. It’s important to us to build a team who not only have the skillset we need, but also the drive and passion that makes WooHa stand out from the crowd.   
In February 2020, we completed a £600,000 crowd funding campaign, as part of a £1.5m overall fund raise.  This funding will allow us to invest in sales and marketing efforts around the globe and get our beer into the hands of more people than ever before. 
We’re not just any craft beer brewery. We’re WooHa Brewing Company and we’re not afraid to do things a little differently…